Budget Tracker

Who doesn’t like a good old spreadsheet to make life easy ? I love them.
In fact when I was the Utilities Manager on Hayman Island I wouldn’t have been able to keep up with all the paperwork if I hadn’t of created spreadsheets to automate what I had to do. One of the first things I did when hitting the road full-time was to make a budget tracking spreadsheet. Please read the below to find out what it can do for you.

Budget tracker Version

​Our budget tracker we use for keeping a eye on our daily expenses and allows us to work out how much longer we can travel before finding income. We used this every day to keep a record of our finances, record stats, check out fuel mileage and several other features.

What can this spreadsheet do for you ?

The Budget tracker maintains a record of your costs as you travel and displays where your money is going, what your main expenses are and best of all how long you can travel before requiring income based on your current expenses.

The sheet has the following features.

  • Costs entered by you get auto calculated and tracked then displayed graphically and numerically in a cost tracking screen.
  • Ability to monitor your daily, weekly and monthly out goings
  • Allows you to try and stay within a budgeted amount by maintaining a eye on your weekly spending
  • Totals and averages the costs of individual Cost groups IE: Alcohol, Park fee’s, Groceries
  • Has a page for collecting stats of your journey
  • Outputs your distance travelled for later displaying stats to your friends
  • Has a fuel mileage calculator and fuel expense estimator
  • There’s a Section for Gas bottle usage record to help monitor how often you go through a gas bottle
  • There is also a Section for safety such as recording tyre pressures, whether or not a weight distribution hitch is required
  • Area on the stats page to also record weighbridge measurements
  • wage calculator to help determine weekly wage ( to be used as a guide only )
  • Income tab to update your expenses correctly when you add some form of income


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