Deciding What Caravan/RV

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Our Jayco

Deciding on a Caravan

What motorhome, caravan, fifth-wheeler or cruiser bus should we get? we started looking in to what type of vehicle was best for what we wanted and what we could tow with our Ute.

Our 2010 Holden Colorado Ute can tow 3 Tonne. This decreased our choice some what. (Info to come on our Ute details and modifications)

As we were going to be full time caravanning, we started talking about what we wanted from our new home. if we wanted a shower and toilet, how much space we wanted, did we want it to go off road? so we didn’t miss some of the best parts of Australia.

What caravan we decided on, A Jayco Starcraft

After researching online, going to caravan shows and caravan yards for a couple of years we decided on a 21ft Jayco Starcraft caravan. It’s a 2016 model with a bedroom slide out, club lounge and on-suite.

jayco interior
Our starcraft inside
 Photo by jayco

We would have liked to get a fifth-wheeler but the price was to high for us. Our budget was going to be $60,000 and fifth wheelers were over $100,000. Second hand would have been cheaper but we found them old fashioned and smelly.

Although Larry would have loved the project of doing up a Cruiser bus but we didn’t have a place to park it to work on it.

We liked the idea of a motorhome but as we are planing on working from time to time, we need a separate vehicle. Also we didn’t think this would be good if we wanted to get off the beaten track.

We did look at camper vans but crossed that off the list. We thought it had more moving parts to break when setting it up every single day.

The 21ft Starcraft was at the right weight for our Ute and had everything we had decided we would like. It is not an off road van BUT we have a tent and equipment in the Ute to take us were the van can

jayco club lounge
 We love our Club Lounge
Next thing to do for us was to start downsizing our life to a Caravan lifestyle
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