Crossing the Nullarbor – Our 7 Camps

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We loved crossing the Nullarbor, many people don’t. I think it’s all part of the adventure. Everybody waves back at each other here, It’s like your all part of the same club. Didn’t matter if you were a car or a caravan people still waved.

We have previously written about each place at length. Having been asked recently about where we camped, we have made this post. It combines those 7 camps in one place.

Many people say the Nullarbor is between Ceduna, SA and Norseman, WA. If you are heading across think about stopping at one of these.

Click on an individual Orange camp title for full details, photos and google map location.

1. Ceduna – Big 4 Caravan Park – $30 – SA

We decided to stop here and fill our tanks before we crossed the Nullarbor. A friendly park that caters well for those that like to fish. Room for boats and vans.

They have a few fish cleaning tables if you need one. Close to town and the ocean for catching Blue Swimmer Crabs. A great camp kitchen and good amenities.

Ceduna Jetty
Photo: Ceduna Jetty
Ceduna Big 4
Photo: Ceduna Big 4

Nullarbor Links Golf Course is close by. The 1st and 2nd hole’s are here. The start of the 18-hole, par 72 golf course. This spans 1365 Kilometres with one hole in each participating town or roadhouse. Read our full post On Ceduna Big 4 here

2. Penong – Cohen Old school Site – Free Camp – SA

This free camp has a large area big enough for any rig. On the other side of the fence is the remains of the old school. Built in 1933 for it’s 9 pupils and there teacher Miss Norton.

Cohen School 1933, Penong west
Photo: Cohen School 1933

It’s on the Eyre highway but we didn’t hear any traffic at night.

Cohen School Site, Penong
Photo: Camp at the Cohen School Site

Across the road is a rest area with a bin if you need to get rid of rubbish. See more on the Cohen Old School camp here

3. Head of Bight – Whitewell Tank – Free Camp – SA

You will find this camp outside the gates of the “Head of Bight whale Centre”. If your heading to or from the Nullarbor you pass this.

The camp is next to an old empty hut. Surrounded on three sides by a fence. The ground is dirt and gravel and is large enough for any size van.

Head of Bight Nullarbor  Whitewell Tank Camp shed
Photo: Whitewell Tank Camp
Head of Bight Nullarbor  Whitewell Tank Camp
Photo: Heading Back On To The Air Highway
Head of Bight Nullarbor  Whitewell Tank Camp
Photo: The Camp At The Head of Bight Sunset

The Head Of Bite camp is a basic camp but has stunning sunsets and sunrises and is a fantastic location outside the Whale Centre . Here is our full post on this camp. 

4. Australian Bight – Border village SA/WA – Free Camp

There are lots of dirt tracks to drive all size vehicle down, you just have to pick your spot. Lots of low-lying green vegetation sprawls out between the tracks making it look quite lush.

Great Australian Bight Nullarbor 15 lessons learned full time caravanning
Photo: Stunning View From Your Camp
Great Australian Bight Nullarbor 15 lessons learned full time caravanning
Photo: Larry Strolling To The Water From Our Camp

We parked looking over the ocean with an amazing view. If you are here at the right time of the year you can see Humpbacks whales from your van.

We were stopping here for one night but stayed for three 😀 See more on this must free camp here.

5. Cocklebiddy – Free Camp – WA

One of Eyre Highways many maze type camps. They have many paths you can drive down, in many directions.

Our drone video on YouTube shows what a large area it is. You can be parked well away from anyone else if you want to be alone.

Cocklebiddy  Eyre Highways many maze type camps on the Nullarbor
Photo: Cocklebiddy Eyre Highways camp on the Nullarbor

Aussie House Sitters are our choice of house sitting sites. Use our Coupon Code “AHS15%off” for 15% off your joining fee

We stopped here as the Cocklebiddy roadhouse was not to far away. We knew the next morning we could fill up with fuel, before continuing west. Our full post on this large free camp is here.

6. Balladonia – Free camp – WA

This is a small basic camp. The area has some bins plus a table and bench. Depending on the way people park their vans you could fit in about four large rigs. On WikiCamps it is named Afghan Rock.

Photo: Afghan Rock Rest Stop

Only a five minute drive from the rest area is Balladonia Roadhouse/motel. It is the fist stop east of Norseman.

Bargain Avenue
Balladonia road house museum  Nullarbor
Photo: Balladonia road house museum Nullarbor

We pulled up for fuel and grabbed a coffee. Have a look around the free museum they have. Pulse check out the life-size replica of some NASA debris that sits on the roof. More information on the Afghan Rock Rest Stop Here.

7. Salmon Gums Caravan Park – from $15pn – WA

We decided not to stop at Norseman as it was to busy a place for us. We drove an hour past it to Salmon Gums.

For $15pn you can camp and have use of the toilets and showers, microwave and sink. They have a washing machine and the usual book exchange, also a fire-pit and outdoor seating. For $20 you can hook up to power and water, Bargain!

Salmon Gums - Western Australia
Photo: Salmon Gums Caravan Park
Salmon Gums
Photo: A Small Neat Park

As the name suggests, the money from the park goes back in to the Salmon Gums community. I love that! Park next to beautiful little gardens with well maintained flowers and succulents.

The pub isn’t far away although It can be a bit sporadic in it’s opening times.

More on Salmon Gums Community Caravan Park here.

To finish up, we passed roadhouses on the way that you can park and hook up to power if you need to. Obviously you can also refuel. But, do be careful as sometime you do hear about places having no fuel. Trucks might break down etc. You’ll have plenty of places to grab a coffee and some food.

The wind is definitely a factor when crossing. Fuel consumption increased more than we thought. Top up when you can or carry some extra as we do.

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17 thoughts on “Crossing the Nullarbor – Our 7 Camps

  1. What a find! Thank you, from two full-time ladies, towing Myrtle the Turtle (our home on wheels since 2014.) Are you on Facebook? I am Jenn J McLeod (author) I have a page for my books (where I behave!!) and personal page from which I’d love to follow your adventures if you are still on the road??

    1. Hi Ladies,
      Thanks Jenn, yes we are on Facebook, just follow the Facebook link on our page 🙂 We are still on the road full time and stop for work when needed.
      How awesome to write books and travel as you do.
      Happy travels ladies 😀

  2. I agree; the Eyre highway is actually quite pretty its just that there is rather a lot of it! Agree about SA and toilets – one notices the difference crossing into NT and Vic as well. Having said that, there are people who won’t use long drops and litter anyway
    What I was going to suggest was the road due West of Norseman, direct to Hyden. Much shorter which makes up for the fact that one must slow down – but the road services the mines, its actually well maintained. Ie dirt, but there’s usually a grader on it somewhere. there are half a dozen very good camps with modern ecotoilets. Breakaways and particularly McDermid Rock which is much like Wave rock, including formations, trail, markers, etc but without the crowds or entrance fee

  3. It is always good to read about campsites other people stay at. I have been across the Nullarbor several times recently and stayed at different places from you. It is great there are so many areas available to stop for a rest.
    I always wonder why people are so friendly when travelling on the Eyre Highway but not in other remote areas.
    Being from WA, the Nullarbor is our main artery to the East and the rest of the country and thankfully it is an excellent road. The scenery is different every trip depending on season and recent weather conditions. I always find it interesting.

  4. We are two Canadian retired women who just love Oz. We took a old van around the Flinders/Broken Hill area some years ago. Now, we have a used Honda with topped up air/gas pressure etc. We will be just putting up a tent. We will be driving it around mid January. You’ll recognise us – white Honda and Aussie and Canadian flags flying from the back windows.

    1. Hi Ladies, thanks for checking out our Nullarbor post.
      It sounds like you both like a bit of adventure and have traveled a lot. How good is discovering new places! 🙂

      Enjoy the Nullarbor and the rest of your journey. Hopefully people will look out for your flags.
      Happy travels

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