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24 thoughts on “Full time caravanning around Australia with Laz and Sue

  1. Well we are soon to leave it ALL behind
    very nervous but full of adventure..
    Budget will be tite but the sprit is willing

  2. Hi folks, love your posts! Trivial question, your StarCraft TL is identical to ours _ Jan 17 build. We have significant fading on the top half – front of ours caused by first two years sitting in the sun. [now hidden in shed under a dust cover]. Have tried buffing with fibreglass marine polish but may need re gel coating. How does yours stand up? Regs. David

    1. Hey David, yes i feel the pain. I’ve polished the front of ours several times with marine polish etc and always ends up dull and faded. After 6 years i’ve decided if i leave the rest of the van dirty it’s not as noticeable hehe

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