Weethalle Showground – $10 – NSW

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We came to Weethalle Showground as Larry was offered a short term seasonal job on a near by broadacre farm. This was something Larry had wanted to try his hand at for a while. Driving big machinery on a farm rather than working on a cattle station which he liked but has already tried. More on Larry’s WA Cattle Station Job

Weethalle Showground Camping

Once we arrived at Weethalle showground we gave Betty a call to collect our $10 fee (the phone number is on WikiCamps and at the showground) There is a donation box which she asked us to put the money in. Most times she will come and collect the fee.

You will find a nice grassed area you can park beside and you have many power boxes to choose from around the grounds. Have a look around before you set up. You will also spot a few water taps to fill your tanks.

Toilets and showers are available if you need them and a dump point is also at the showgrounds. Kids will be happy with the playground, basketball court and skateboard/bike area.

Have A Stroll

Weethalle Showground Club

Weethalle showgrounds has an on site Country/Bowling/Golf club. It’s open every evening (except Monday) for pizza and a larger menu on a Thursday night. Being camped here for a while we had a few yummy pizzas. The staff and locals are a friendly bunch so we joined them at the club for Easter. It was a packed night and we ended up winning some chocolates (insert drool here)

The Weethalle Country Club has a beautifully maintained bowling green and a 9 hole golf course.

Weethalle Main Street

The main street is less than 10 minutes stroll away from Weethalle Showground. Here you will find:

Weethalle Painted Silo

One of the best painted silos is in NSW, is this one in Weethalle. In fact this was the first to be painted in NSW.

Whistle Stop Cafe

Next to the silo is the Whistle Stop Cafe which is run by volunteers who do a lovely Devenshire tea. You can have a look through a couple of train carriages which are now used to sell local arts and crafts.

Weethalle Pub

The Royal Hotel was established in 1928 and if you head inside you can still see some of that old architecture. Check out their Facebook page for whats on, who’s playing and when the bistro is open.

Fat Bob And The Blonde HQ

Now before you start thinking Fat Bobs not a nice name, Fat Bob is in fact the name of a motorbike. Heather (the Blonde) is a motorcycle enthusiast. So much so Heather parks her bike with pride out the front of her cafe.

As well as coffee, cake and lunch items, Heather supports locals by selling their art and crafts. Fat Bob and the Blonde HQ has a great vibe to it. Maybe this is because Heather brings such positivity and fun to the place. See more of Heather and Fat Bob on her website

Road Kill Grillz

If your looking for a great breakfast or a good meal check out Road Kill Grillz. Lynda and the team cook up a storm for locals, travellers and truck drivers. Lynda also sells a few grocery items that might come in handy.

On The Farm

Larry, I’m sure, will write about working on the farm at some point but here’s a little of what he’s been doing. Fixing farm machinery, preparing fields for sowing, cleaning seed, Sowing acres and acres of fields with various seeds like lupins, canola, barely and wheat, loading and unloading trucks of grain and general farm upkeep.

Weethalle Showground is a great place to stop. From here you can visit Griffith and a lot of the New South Wales Riverina. See more of the Showground we have stayed at Here

More Information

  • Location : Weethalle
  • Click for Google map location
  • State: NSW
  • Pets: Yes
  • Camp type : Showground
  • Price : $10pn
  • Water ? : Yes , not many but a few to fill your tank
  • Power ? : Yes
  • Will suit: All sized vehicles
  • Is it on Wikicamps ?: Yes
  • Drive time to nearby shops: 1 minutes to main road, a few basic items at Road Kill Grillz
  • Amenities : Shower, toilets
  • Other : Dump point, Bins, Golf, Bowling, Country club, Playground, skateboard/scooter track, Basketball court, Short walk to main street to visit Silo art, Cafes, Pub and post office
  • On site Country Club has Pizza every night excluding Monday (as closed) – Thursday they have a larger menu.
  • WIFI & Phone Reception – Tested with Boost Mobile: Yes – We use Boost Mobile while travelling around Australia as it has 3G & 4G coverage on the Telstra Mobile network

Our Short You Tube Video Of Weethalle

Our Short You Tube Video of Weethalle Showground & Town
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  2. Looks a great spot and very envious. One day we’ll get there . Your doing it the right and working there. Look forward to hearing about that experience. Cheers Kev and Gaye Mitchell

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