Barcoo River Camp – Blackall – Qld

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Barcoo River camp is just over one hours south of Barcaldine. Located one street back from the main street of Blackall, making it very convenient.

the main street of Blackall. Booking of the Barcoo river camp blackall Queensland for caravan camping is at the library
Photo: The Main Street Of Blackall

Booking Barcoo River Camp

Before you get to the camp they advise you to pay the $10 a night fee at the information centre. This is located at the library on the main street. If you arrive after 5pm then there is a self service honesty box at the entrance to the camp.

Barcoo river camp blackall Queensland caravan camping
Photo: Barcoo River Camp

Barcoo river camp blackall Queensland caravan camping honesty box at camp
Photo: Honesty Box At Camp For After Hours

We had room on the main drag to park with our van and had a walk to the library. Alternatively there’s a heap of parking space one street back near the camp. It’s around a 5 minute walk to the library.

Barcoo River Camp

Firstly, at the time of our stay, there really was no water/river to speak of. However there was a heap of room to park a huge amount of vans big and small. In fact you could bring your tractor as many did. Some sort of tractor rally maybe?

Barcoo river camp blackall Queensland tractors
Photo: Part Of The Tractors Staying The Night
Tent World
Barcoo river camp blackall Queensland
Photo: A Small Part Of The Camp
Barcoo river camp blackall Queensland caravan camping
Photo: A Little Muddy But Mostly Dry

Walking around the Barcoo River Camp and you’ll see water taps scattered through out. While at one end of the camp there’s a sculpture of an Eagle and its nest made with timber and old bolts from an old bridge.

Water Tap at Barcoo river camp blackall Queensland
Photo: One Of The Water Taps Around The Camp

Barcoo River Camp Blackall bird nest
Photo: Metal Bird Art


Across the road you’ll find a dump point and toilet. Also, a five min walk away is a free shower. This is near to the Library/information, centre if you require it.

Barcoo River Camp Blackall toilets and dump point over the road
Photo: Toilet & Dump Point Over The Road From The Camp

Have A Stroll

We had a short stroll to the Blackall shops. Here you’ll find an IGA, cafe’s, Post office, news agents, clothing and gifts shops etc. Not forgetting more metal art.

Things To Do

Over all, Barcoo River Camp is such a handy camp. To be able to walk to everything and be able to stay for 72 hours is great. You’ll find posters at the camp advertising where you can buy fire wood but also one for Bushies Blackall Tours. Not only can you do a tour of the saleyards but they also have a walking tour, covering the history and heritage of Blackall. Lastly they have a twilight river camp show.

Swimming pool Blackall Queensland
Photo: Swimming Pool Only $2

Another activity you could do while staying at Barcoo River Camp is go for a drive to the Historical Woolscour. This is the last remaining steam operated wool washing plant in Australia. Alternatively head to the aquatic centre, it’s only $2

To wrap up this post. Barcoo River Camp Is a large camp that any size rig will fit. You’ll find all the basics and a bit more in this friendly town. It’s a camp we would stop at again.

Barcoo river camp blackall Queensland caravan camping
Photo: Heaps Of Room At Barcoo River Camp
Barcoo river camp blackall Queensland caravan camping
Photo: You Must Be Self-contained

More Information

  • Location : Blackall
  • Click for Google map location
  • State:QLD
  • Pets: Yes
  • Camp type : Low Cost Camp
  • Price : $ 10
  • Water ? : Yes
  • Power ? : No
  • Will suit: All sized vehicles
  • Is it on Wikicamps ?: Yes
  • Drive time to nearby shops: Walk to next street
  • WIFI (tested with boost): Yes
  • Amenities : Toilets over the road and shower a 5 min walk away
  • Other : Dump Point, close to shopping, art, activities in town

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