Over 30 Gift Ideas For Caravanning & Camping

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These are some gift ideas for friends and family that like to hit the road. Lets think light weight and portable

   1. Gift Cards

  • Fuel cards – Who doesn’t need fuel while they travel? This is a perfect gift
  • Bunnings Gift Cards – They can get anything from BBQs, tools to tarps 
  • Holiday parks membership – Maybe find out which parks they have already stayed in and choose which one they prefer
  • Shopping Gift Cards – Food, alcohol, Target, Kmart, office works etc. You can find gift cards in Woolies, Coles and Big W that cover multiple stores.
  • Cravan & Camping Gift Cards  – From places like BCF & Anaconda Gift Cards Also Here At Caravan RV Camping & Tentworld

Gift Voucher From Tent World

Gift Voucher From Caravan RV Camping

   2. Redballoon Experiences

Something a little different. They can choose an activity to do in what ever state or territory they like. Everything from hot-air ballooning, race car driving, camel riding to various tours.

They also have gifts, vouchers and hampers.

Check out Redballoon here

   3. Books, Audio & E-books

QBD Books have audio books and E-books these take up less space while travelling. They can listen to them anywhere even when driving.

4. iTunes Gifts By Email

At iTunes they can choose audio-books, music, movies, TV shows or apps etc.

Photo: iTunes Gift Voucher

5. Power Bank For Phone

Power banks can come in handy when you’re travelling and can’t plug in to recharge your phone while on the road or when out and about enjoying the sites.

wireless one power bank gift ideas for caravan and camping
Photo: Power Bank

Wireless 1 have a few to choose from.

Wireless one

 6. Hard Drive

This is a great idea for those who take lots of photos and videos and need extra storage. Also, you could fill one with photos of the family or movies they might like to watch while on the road.

Hard drive wireless one caravan and camping gift ideas
Photo: Hard Drive

Check out the ones at Wireless one. 

Wireless one

7. Map Decal of Australia

With this map they can track where they have travelled with a marker. This one is from Adventure Awaits. They can have one for the outside or inside. 

Photo: Map Of Australia

8.  Pegless Washing Line

Everyone needs a washing line and theses are light weight and colourful. Check them out at Adventure Awaits.

Photo: Washing Lines & Accessories For Camping

 9. Name A Star After Someone

From $39.95 on Star Name Registry 

10. Head Torch

This might be for those walking through the camp in the dark. A head torch can help out when heading to the amenities or for those who are camping in a swag check out The Head Torches At Tentworld

Over 30 Gift Ideas For Caravanning & Camping
Photo: Head Torch
Tent World

WikiCamps is our travel bible. This is a must for every traveller.

 11. WikiCamps

It includes, Free camps, campgrounds, caravan parks, backpacker hostels, day use area, points of interest, information centres and public dump points – $7.99 on WikiCamps app

Travel app full time caravanning
Photot: WikiCamp App

12. Drinking ideas from Adventure Awaits

Head to Adventure Awaits for more great drinking ideas

13. Usb Stick

Surprise them with family photos, music and memories you have already put on a USB stick from Wireless one.

 usb stick 30 caravan and camping gift ideas
Photo: USB Stick

14. Inflatable Kayak

Heaps of fun on the water with an inflatable Kayak. You can get them from Caravan RV Camping as well as places like BCF and Anaconda.

15. Firepit

A portable and collapsible fire pit are the go to for siting under the stars and keeping warm while toasting marshmallows. You will find a heap to choose from at Tentworld

Tent World

16. Travel Hammock

There are many hammock to choose from at Tentworld . Single, Doubles and light weight ones to choose fromtentworld hammock

Photo: Hammocks From Tent World

17. Digital Magazines

You could get them anything from caravanning and camping to fishing and hobby magazines. isubscribe has so many to choose from.

18. Mini Expresso Cappichino Coffee Maker

No power needed for this one. This one comes from Caravan RV Camping.

19. Gift Hamper

Also known as the MacGyver kit. Make up in a collapsible bowl as an added gift.

Duck tape, cable ties, hose fitting, Waterproof matches, BBQ lighter, fishing lures, mozzie coils and spray, mozzie head net, any goodies you know they love. 

20. House Sitting Subscription

For those that are permanently on the road like us, they might like to save money by doing house and farm sitting.

Aussie House Sitters are our choice of house sitting sites. Use our Coupon Code “AHS15%off” for 15% off your joining fee

21. Craft Games – Puzzles – Jigsaws

At Adventure Awaits you’ll also find Cooling towels, Eco friendly and Reusable products, Journals and so much more at “Adventure Awaits” 

22. Gifts For Kids

Fun activities, books, journals & a map of Australia you can scratch as you go.

23. Gifts For The Whole Family

Adventure Awaits, Sells a huge range of products for every family member. Everything from unique caravan inspired goodies, beer& wine holders to clip together crockery.

They also sell great gifts for kids. Games/toys, journals, jigsaws to arts and crafts

24. Something For Pets

A stainless steel pet water bottle. For when your out and about. This is a beautifully designed bottle for pets. They have many other great gifts. Check out

Photo: Pet Water Bottle

25. Ugg Boots

We all want to keep our feet warm both inside and by the bush telly. Ugg also sell walking boots, hats and beanies.

26. Car Seat Organiser

Help keep their travel vehicle tidy with a car seat organiser like this one.

27. Smart Space Pots

Space Saving Pots stack neatly inside each other like a Russian Doll – 3 smart pans, 3 lids, 3 Teflon mats, 1 detachable handle. We love our space saving pans from Caravan RV Camping

28. Buy Them Peace Of Mind

Every caravan and traveller thinks about security. Give them peace of mind with WITI Anti Theft System. This has a loud alarm, flashing lights and it immobilises the caravan so it can’t be moved.

29. Collapsible Space Savers

More space saving gift ideas are Kettle, Bucket, Set of 3 None Stick Pans, Sink & Chopping Board. Yep, that’s right, ALL Collapsible.

30. Outdoor Caravan Camping & Adventure Gear

Great gear such as, Folding Step, Fold Away Dog Bed, Jockey Wheel & Chock Buddy.

Bonus idea

Donate a gift to the more needy on the persons behalf. You have so many to choose from, these are just an idea.

Toy donation to The Smith Family OR Buy a Bale – Help out our Aussie Farmers

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