Oakabella Homestead-$9pp pn–WA

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Oakabella Homestead-

Oakabella is heritage listed, circa 1850’s. Noted as the most haunted location in Western Australia. As you will notice driving in one of the signs says “Complimentary Ghosts” 😀

After heading down the 3km of graded road you arrive at a large grassed area. Next to the licensed Tea Rooms and across from the old homestead.

We chose our parking spot. Quite easy to do as only one other motorhome was parked.

I headed in to pay for a couple of nights. passing the resident goat on the way in to the Tea Rooms.

Oakabella Homestead Goat

The Tea Rooms

Loretta, the owner of the Tea Rooms and tour guide for Oakabella greeted me. Loretta is a quirky lively lady. And I’m sure would have many a funny and interesting stories to tell.

After un-hooking we headed back to have Devonshire tea. I had to try the Bush Tucker Scones (Date and Wattle). They were as yummy as advertised.

Oakabella Homestead menu

The People you Meet

At the tea rooms we bumped in to another couple we had met at Dongara. catching up on where we had stayed since last meeting. They had stayed in the 24hr free camp at Geraldton and were now staying at Coronation Beach.

After they left another camper joined us. The gentleman who’s family owned the homestead was also having a drink with us.

I felt a little honored to be meeting one of the family of this magnificent place. That evening we got to chat to him about the homestead and the history of it. It was so nice hearing his memories.

The other camper that turned up gave us great information about a camp worth a look. Wooramel Station River Retreat. A large camp with outside hot spa and individual fires by your camp 😀 How could we not check it out!

Oakabella Tours

You can do a day time tour of the old homestead or a ghost tour at night.

Loretta charges $10 for the day time tours and you have a choice of three time slots. At 10am,1.30pm or 3pm you can check out the homestead,barn and original kitchen. All have been maintained.

We had a walk around the outside of the buildings in the evening. The sky here is just spectacular on some nights.

One night it looked like it was on fire and on another the sun shining through the dark clouds was a beautiful sight.

Camp facilities

The camp has toilets and a shower which are nice and clean. Rubbish bins are handy as is the donga/kitchen area. This has no cooking facility. It has a sink, fridge, kettle and toaster. An old BBQ is outside.

You can ask for some water but not for your tanks.

Oakabella Sky’s 

Oakabella has beautiful sunsets and skies. I could not do it justice with my photos. If you do like photography you will love so much about this place.

Oakabella Homestead

Oakabella Surrounds – Top 7 Things To Do

  • Geraldton
  • Have lunch
  • See the museum
  • Beaches
  • Large play areas for kids
  • See art
  • Heritage walks
  • Sunset cruise
  • Joy flights to the Abrolhos Islands
  • Lavender Farm Valley:

We found this on WikiCamps and I really wanted to have a look. We were told there was no Lavender at this time of the year. It did however have a coffee shop, so I was sold. Having a Diploma in Aromatherapy I was looking forward to the gift shop 🙂 Unfortunately it is only open on certain days. Today was not our day 🙁 Give them a call or check out their site Phone:(08) 9920 5469

  • Elephant Rock Lookout:

This is a spot you park off the road. If you look in to the distance at the hills you might be able to see a shape of an elephant laying down. 

Elephant Rock
Elephant Rock
  • Museum:

Chapman Valley Museum is run by volunteers. A nice drive from the Oakabella and close to the Lavender Farm. Donation for entry.

  • Coronation Beach and Camp Ground:

About 20 minutes away is Coronation Beach. A lovely beach that you will find a great camp site. Again we did not stay here but it is on our list for next time. Only $8 per person per night and you next to the beach. A lovely spot for a picnic as they have BBQ’s and pergolas to sit under.

  • Northampton Historical Railway:

You will see few a original trains by the old platform. You can’t go inside the trains but you will see some original fixtures and fittings. Some of the signage will tell you all about it. The original station masters house 1913-1957 looks lovely. It is now a private residence. 

Northampton is also home to a quirky ram. This large knitted ram has squeaking testicles (yes you read that right) Please don’t ask me how I know this!

Also in Northampton you will also find a hat for every occasion in the “Old style Emporium”

  • Mills Lookout:

This is down the road from the Lavender Farm. A nice view of the surrounding areas. If you are feeling energetic you can park up and climb to the top of the hill.

To conclude, Some people come to Oakabella Homestead for the Tea Rooms. Others come for the tours or camping… Why not do all three 😉

This is lovely quiet location and close to many other sights. A dump point is a short drive away in Northampton or in Geraldton.

Add this one to your list, you will not be disappointed!

  • Location : Starling Road, Northampton
  • Click for Google map location
  • State: Western Australia
  • Pets: Yes
  • Camp type : Homestead
  • Price : $9 per person
  • Water ? : No – you can fill containers from tank if you ask
  • Power ? : No
  • Will suit: All sized vehicles
  • Is it on Wikicamps ?: Yes
  • Drive time to nearby shops: 18 minutes to Northampton
  • WIFI (tested with boost): limited
  • Amenities : Toilets, Shower
  • Other : BBQ, sink, toaster, inside table and chairs, breathtaking sunsets, tea room on site, ghost tours and Homestead with great history.
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  1. Hi Guys! We have just taken over the tea rooms business together with the tours of the homestead and campgrounds. My name is Belinda and you will see me about the tea rooms together with Brian who cooks some amazing scones. Tours operate daily at 10am and 2pm.
    Our tea rooms are open from 9am to 4pm and we will be opening shortly for weekend sessions as well.
    For the next 12 months we will be offering campers to stay 2 nights and get the 3rd night FREE.

    Below is our website. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


    1. Wonderful of you to post this for us Belinda.
      We love your campground and tearooms and the homestead is just fantastic. What a great offer of 3 for 2 night. We will see you on our next lap I’m sure.
      I will share this on our Facebook page!
      Thanks again Belinda

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