Pyengana Recreation Ground – Donation – Tasmania

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If you’re looking for a huge, quiet camp in easy driving distance to the Bay Of Fire’s, then Pyengana Recreation Ground is for you.

Pyengana Recreation Ground

The huge oval at the back of the sports field that has so much room. In saying that most people seem to gravitate to the area around the toilets but that’s to be expected.

Only one other couple were here when we first arrived and they were half way over the oval. All the others camped near the toilets. Probably because they had tents and camper vans. So if your in a big self contained rig the world/oval is your oyster.

Pyengana Recreation Ground Amenities

Pyengana Recreation Ground has two lots of toilets. One is older and is just toilets and the other is new and has showers. The new toilet/shower combo is wheelchair friendly. A playground and tennis courts are also here if you fancy a game.

Have A Walk Or Short Drive

The Pub In The Paddock – The pub is 450 meters away if you want some food or drink. They also have 72 hr camping at the side of the pub for those that don’t want to walk that far. As long as you’re fully self-contained that is. We had a drink anyway when we realised we were to late for lunch.

Pyengana Dairy & Holy Cow Cafe – This is a great cafe with free cheese tasting. Watch the cows take themselves in to the milking and watch the cheese makers at work through the large glass windows. You can buy delicious sweet or savoury scones as we did. Or have a cheese tasting plate and a glass or wine. The kids will enjoy watching the cows and the playground.

Automated milking station

The cattle on this dairy farm have sensors around their necks. When their udders feel full they know that they can walk to the milking station. If it’s been over 6 hours since their last milking, the gate will open and let them in. From there the cows get milked automatically and once finished they wander off into the paddock again for at least another 6 hours. There was automation involved so Larry liked this place.

5 Great Places To Drive To

Bay Of Fires – 40 minutes away

Taylors Beech is a beautiful, long, white sandy beach which we took a picnic to. Although a little windy and overcast it was still a lovely spot. You can walk to the some of the orange rocks formations from this spot.

Bay of Fires Rocks – The best view of Bay Of Fire’s we found was at Cosy Corner. Driving in to the small car park you can’t actually see a proper path but a small dirt track takes you through the trees and Wham, there’s heaps of orange rock formations and a beach.

Camping at Bay Of Fires – If you prefer to camp closer to Bay Of Fire’s there are several camps along this stretch. We had a look at one at Cosy Corner North, Bay Of Fire’s Conservation Reserve. This camp is free for up to 4 weeks. This is a beach side camp with toilets and you can bring your dog on a lead.

St Helens

This seaside town is known for its game fishing and is only 25 minutes from Pyengana Recreation Ground. We stopped for coffee and some new brake pads for the ute. After our trip down to Pyengana, Larry had checked our pads and decided to get some in stock. Ours are still good but with Tassie roads he wanted to be prepared. St Helens is also the place where we made phone calls and checked our internet as our camp had none (not a bad thing)

St Helens RV & Dump Point

On the way back to our camp at Pyengana Recreation Ground we stopped here to see what the dump point and water situation was. We were heading this way to our next camp and would need to top up water and use the dump point. This 24hr camp is on a large gravel area, next to a road. But it’s free, has a dump point and a fresh water tap. Dogs are also OK.

Halls Falls – is 5 km away. This is an easy walk, and coming from me that’s saying something. I’m not the fittest. The walk to the falls is nice with lush trees and bushes. We walked at a pace as we wanted to do this for a bit of exercise as well as see the falls. It took us less than 30 minutes return.

We stopped at the lookout which is the easy bit. The falls were small from this angle but are meant to look better from further down. It was still a nice walk though.

Weldborough Pass Rainforest walk – 20 minutes away You will find this pleasant 15 minute walk. Stroll on flat ground around a sweet forest.

Saint Columba Falls – 15 minutes away. These falls are one of the highest in Tasmania at 90 meters. You walk down hill to this waterfall which means you have to walk back up again. Thankfully it wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be and was worth the 30 minute return walk. This is a busy falls so you might have to get in a queue to take photos.

Pyengana Recreation Ground is a great stop for any size rig or tent. Walking distance to couple of great places and a short drive to so many waterfalls and walk’s.

More Information

  • Location :Pyengana
  • Click for Google map location
  • State: Tasmania
  • Pets: Yes
  • Camp type : Recreation Ground
  • Price : Donation
  • Water ? : No
  • Power ? : No
  • Will suit: All sized vehicles
  • Is it on Wikicamps ?: Yes
  • Drive time to nearby shops: 2 minutes to servo station
  • Amenities : Toilets, showers
  • Other : Playground, Tennis court, Seating, Bins, Walk to pub, Dairy & cafe, no phone reception or TV reception.
  • WIFI & Phone Reception – Tested with Boost Mobile: Limited reception the same as Telstra

We use Boost for our phone and internet while travelling as it has 3G & 4G coverage on the Telstra Mobile network.

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