Branxholm Centenary Park – Free Camp – Branxholm – Tasmania

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Branxholm Centenary Park is 90 km east of Launceston. We had checked it out the day before on our drive from Scottsdale. I liked that it was across the road from an IGA and a walk to the pub.

Branxholm Centenary Park

Like Scottsdale, this is another two week camp. Most size rigs will fit in here and tents were set up here to.

This camp has two lots of toilets. One is older and has the laundry connected and the other is new and has showers at a cost.

A large undercover BBQ and seating area is by the new toilets and a couple of water taps are here. A swimming pool, playground and tennis courts are also on site.

Have A Walk

Across the road from Branxholm Centenary Park is the IGA, Pizza Shop and an Italian restaurant.

On the other side of the tennis court is a cafe with Alpacas and the Imperial hotel. We had Sausages and mash which was nice, along with a couple of jugs of beer. We have to support the small local community 😀

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More Information

  • Location : Branxholm
  • Click for Google map location
  • State: Tasmania
  • Pets: NO
  • Camp type : Free camp
  • Price : $0
  • Water ? : Yes but not to hook up to permanently
  • Power ? : No
  • Will suit: Most sized vehicles
  • Is it on Wikicamps ?: Yes
  • Drive time to nearby shops: Across the road
  • Amenities : Toilets, showers
  • Other : Laundry, Tennis court, swimming pool, BBQ’s, Seating, IGA, Pizza, Italian restaurant, pub, Fuel, Playground, Books and jigsaw puzzles in laundry.
  • WIFI & Phone Reception – Tested with Boost Mobile: Yes

We use Boost for our phone and internet while travelling as it has 3G & 4G coverage on the Telstra Mobile network.

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