SPREADSHEETS – Budget/Solar/Battery

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Budget SpreadSheets

We often wondered how much money we would need to travel full time around Australia. And how long we could live on our savings before finding work again.
I like to plan and keep lists and Larry likes his spreadsheets. We decided to start calculating what we buy and what we spend and what we spend it on.
Check out our Free budget spread sheet and do your own calculations.

Solar/Battery Spread Sheet

Larry also love’s his tech/gadgety stuff so looked into what solar/battery set up we needed. He found a solar calculator which is highly configurable to help judge what you might need for free camping.
You can also change this spread sheet for your own use.
You can click on the Spreadsheets link, under Tips and Tools or click the link in this page.

 Want to find out some other solar calculator resources ? 

The Australian business Redarc have a great page with online calculators etc.

Can you think of a cool spreadsheet that would be handy for the Aussie traveller ?

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