Wandoan – QLD – Juandah Historical Site – $15 Donation

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Juandah Historical site –

Wandoan has a few places to camp but we chose Juandah historical site.  On driving in, I felt immediately that we had made the right choice. There was old machinery, rustic buildings and open spaces

A chap came out to great us and gave us some basic info before his wife popped over. She gave us a leaflet with the rest of the details about the site. We gave her our $15 donation and parked in-front of the Blacksmiths. The Blacksmiths has some old blacksmith stuff in it but the other half actually has a couple of sinks, old fridge etc. for tourists to use.

The lady told us the gates get locked at 5.30 pm and opened the next morning at 8.30 am. If needed they would open them for us when ever we needed. This was pretty cool as we were the only ones there and could walk around the old place when ever we wanted.

Wandoan History

From the old buildings with old farming machinery to part of a building with the original chimney fire place, there is so much to look at.

My favorite place was a building with an old kitchen. It had an old fridge with ice making compartment. It must have been the original design? There’s also an old washing machine and stove not forgetting old phones and wall paper.

There is a long building with row’s of glass cases containing everything from old dentist equipment to old cameras.

Photo opportunity

With so much history and interesting things you just can’t help taking photos. As the sun set I took way to many but I got some good memories.

I went in to one of the old building that night, in the dark with just my phone torch. It was set up in one room with an old kitchen. In another there was an old bedroom with what felt like an old hay stuffed mattress. It also contained train station items. As I walked out of the dark room I could hear a train coming, I had set off one of the automated speakers. It felt spooky but cool!
If you like History, Photography, Sunsets and some were that is quiet and safe to park up this is a good place to stay. You could  also just visit for the day.

  • Location :  Wandoan, Juandah Historical site
  • Click for Google map location
  • State: Queensland
  • Pets: Yes
  • Camp type : Historical site
  • Price : $15 donation
  • Water ? : yes
  • Power ? : Yes
  • Will suit – All sized vehicles
  • Is it on Wikicamps ?: Yes
  • Drive time to nearby shops:    – 5 minutes to Wandoan
  • WIFI (tested with boost): yes
  • Amenities : Toilets and showers
  • Other : Historic buildings, great step back in history

Have you Been, what did you think ?

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