Weighbridge time

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Weighbridge time

We headed off on our first real long distance journey since purchasing a caravan. All packed up with our worldly possessions and filled all the tanks and fridge up. I was curious if we would be needing to downsize even more items from the van. Always thinking about if we are meeting the legal weight requirements.
Between the specs on the van weights and our ute’s weight specs you can’t be throwing the kitchen sink in there.
weigh bridge

Ready to weigh up

  Off we went, driving from Proserpine into Mackay QLD. We went and had a chat with the Jayco dealer we bought the van from.  He suggested a place for us to go visit for weighing our van ( which i’m lead to believe a lot of people don’t do and drive around Australia overweight) We got to DGH Engineering in Mackay and for $25 we weighed in on their weighbridge and high five to us… despite guess-timating what we want to keep and what we want to throw out we actually “just” came in under weight.

The actual weigh in

 The Caravan has a maximum weight of 3 tonne fully loaded.
The Van weighed in at
  • 2.940 tonne loaded.
Ute has a maximum of 2.9 tonne loaded
Ute weighed in at
  • 2.760 tonne
that came in at 200 kg.
weigh bridge


So overall it was more good luck than good planning that we are legal from a weight prospective. The peace of mind knowing we are all good to travel legally and safely is a weight off our shoulders. NOTE: that doesn’t unfortunately reduce the overall van weight even more though 🙂
I’m happy we are legal with our ute and caravan compliance plates. It also helps to feel comfortable when towing knowing you’re in the safe zone. Highly recommend doing this.

Have you weighed your setup yet ?

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