Capricorn Caves Tourist park & Caves – Qld

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Between Marlborough and Rockhampton you will find the Capricorn Caves. They have on site camping sites for caravans and camping.

Capricorn Caves camping

After parking the caravan where the sign said, I found the reception/Cave entry/cafe and paid. Paying for entry to the the cathedral cave while there. If you stay you get 10% discount on tours.

If you have a big rig I would recommend you park and look at the site before driving to it. We have a 21ft fan, long tow bar and ute and fit in, but, only because no others where parked near us. Only a few drive through sites are available. Tents, camper trailers and caper-vans are fine.

Camping Amenities

Toilets, showers and laundry are available as well as the camp kitchen and BBQ area. A couple of large fire-pits can be found and bins are around the place. In the summer the pool and seating areas shaded by trees would be lovely.

Capricorn Caves

A couple of minutes walk from your camp is the entrance to the caves/cafe. They have lots of information and an interactive area as well as a gift shop. Devonshire tea and coffee was lovely.

Our guide, Lynda, walked our small group (including a lady with a wheely walker) through each section of the caves. Telling us the story of the family who owned it in the 1800. How they climbed down a rope with only a candle and found themselves knee deep in bat poo.

Bats are still in the cave system today. Don’t worry your safe! No bat’s flying around over head and bat poo is now solid ground.

Made from limestone, these are beautiful caves (if you can call them beautiful). Over time lights have been put in place so you can see the smooth walls, fig tree roots and cave systems.

Cathedral Cave

By far the best bit is the cathedral cave. Wooden benches are on both sides of the isle for you to sit and take it all in. Wedding have been had here and if you want something a little different I would recommend it. Lynda has a remote control for the candles and other lighting. Take a seat and the lights dim, till you are in pitch black, then you will hear “Hallelujah” playing around the cathedral. I have to say I had more then a tear in my eye.

Cave Accessibility

The Capricorn Caves have been updated since the rope acsess of the early 1800. The owners, who took over in 1988, have added wheel chair accessible slopes. For the rest of us the stares are an easy climb and in some cases interesting. You have the choice when you leave.

Go back with the guide or go through some smaller cave structures. Don’t be scared, neither of us as small and fit fine. The wobble bridge going this way out was also fun.

If you like nature, rock formations and eco tourism you might want to give the Capricorn Caves and the camp a go. We are glad we did.

More Information

  • Location : Capricorn Caves Tourist Park
  • Click for Google map location
  • State: Queensland
  • Pets: No
  • Camp type : Caravan Park
  • Price : $35 pn Power and water – $30 Un-powerd
  • Water ? : Yes
  • Power ? : Yes
  • Will suit: Most sized vehicles – check site before you pay if your a big rig.
  • Is it on Wikicamps ?: Yes
  • Drive time to nearby shops: 5 minutes away
  • Amenities : Toilets, showers
  • Other :Laundry, BBQ, Bins, Seating, concrete camp firs, walking tracks, Caves, Camp Kitchen
  • WIFI & Phone Reception – Tested with Boost Mobile: No, Also no Telstra coverage

We use Boost for our phone and internet while travelling as it has 3G & 4G coverage on the Telstra Mobile network.

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  1. Once again another beaut location to excite some of us.
    But this week me and my little wife Trinh are heading South out of Adelaide to Portland.
    At this time the Humpback Whales are enjoying this location…sometimes within 50 -100 meters of coast and breaching. Seen this in the past and now wish to show my little Asian lady.
    Thanks again for the beaut Blogs..Cheers.
    Trinh & Dennis

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