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Getting To Moongan Hipcamp

This Moongan Hipcamp is located near Mt Morgan. The property is called Arcadia and is around 110km north of Biloela and 25km south of Rockhampton. We drove from Rockhampton down the A3 which was windy, and a bit of a butt clencher. In saying that, it was nothing like some of the roads we had traveled and Elephant pass in Tasmania. It’s definitely doable.

Moongan Hipcamp Arcadia Mount Morgan Qld
Photo: Moongan Hipcamp “Arcadia”

Whats Hipcamp?

Not familiar with Hipcamp? Hipcamp’s website shows you lots of unique camps on private land. Like the one here at Arcadia Moongan. Some examples of others we’ve stayed at are:

  • Mushroom Valley Eco Camp in North Queensland is a camp with a difference. Located between Mackay and Proserpine in the Whitsundays. This is also the location for the Mushroom Valley Festival. Consequently it has lots of funky installation art and it’s stage for you to check out. The river is an added bonus.
  • Spending Christmas & New Years on Farm On Franklin in Tasmania. That camp is a regenerative environmentally sustainable family farm by the river.
  • Also, Meralda Station in Cobar NSW, another great Hipcamp. This is a bush camp on part of a 400 acre property. As well as seeing heaps of stars and having a big communal fire you can do additional activities. Resin workshops, art classes and woman’s circle to name a few.
Hipcamp mushroom valley eco camp Qld
Photo: Mushroom Vally Eco Camp

Arriving At Moongan Hipcamp

Driving into this Hipcamp we arrived at the large paddock at the front of a property. The house is set back away from the paddock and behind a gate. You can pick where ever you would like to park, depending on if you would like to connect to power or not.

Moongan Hipcamp Arcadia Mount Morgan Qld caravan parking
Photo: Driveway in is 2wd
Moongan Hipcamp Arcadia Mount Morgan Qld caravan parking
Photo: Loads Of Room To Park

After we chose a spot we were warmly greeted and told to let them know if we needed anything. We hooked up to one of the two power points available next to where we parked. At this stage you do need an ampfibian as it is 10amp power. But this might change down the track.

This Is A New Campsite

Angie, the owner, mentioned we were only the second campers to have stayed at this brand new Moongan Hipcamp. She was also interested if we had any suggestions for the new camp. Adding, she was thinking of making an undercover area for people to get together and a communal fire pit.

Moongan Hipcamp Arcadia Mount Morgan Qld caravan parking
Photo: Nice Flat Grassy areas
Moongan Hipcamp Arcadia Mount Morgan Qld caravan parking
Photo: We’re Parked Next To The Power Box

It rained the days we were there so we spent them at the property. Only leaving once to drive to the nearby town of Mount Morgan for shopping. Although it rained constantly the ground was not soggy.

Nature All Around

While sitting out under our awning we watched the simple pleasures of nature. A couple of horses in the next paddock who came by a couple of times a day. While the confusion of guinea foul were a funny bunch, calling out to each other as they came around the van. A chorus of frogs could also be heard in the rain.

Moongan Hipcamp Arcadia Mount Morgan Qld caravan parking dogs and horses
Photo: Next-doors Horses & A Visit From One Of Arcadias Dogs
Moongan Hipcamp Arcadia Mount Morgan Qld caravan parking horses
Photo: Next-doors Horses Just Outside Our Van

The family have a couple of friendly dogs who came over and said hello. Your pets are also welcome here. One of the points of difference with Moongan Hipcamp is that you can camp with your horses! How goods that!

Moongan Hipcamp Arcadia Mount Morgan Qld caravan parking dogs and horses
Photo: Arcadia’s Dogs Visiting

Moongan Hipcamp Arcadia Mount Morgan Qld caravan parking guinea foul
Photo: These Guinea Foul Are so Funny To Watch Passing The Van

A Permaculture Hipcamp

Another reason I liked the sound of this camp, is that this Moongan Hipcamp is in the infancy of a permaculture makeover. Also, they are a home school family. I’m not entirely sure why, but something resinated with me when reading about this place. Talking to Angie you can see she has a passion for permaculture. In fact longer stays may be possible in exchange for farm work for like minded campers. Angie also has a great knowledge about the local history. Have a chat with her about ether subject, it’s all so interesting!

Moongan Hipcamp Arcadia Mount Morgan Qld caravan parking
Photo: Arcadia Homestead In The Background

Here’s What The Owner Angie Says …

We are at the very start of a permaculture makeover, with the design phase still in progress. Our business is named Moonrise Organixs and we have a produce stall at the front gate with an ever increasing range of chemical-free products. We have an infant orchard, mandala veggie patch, tea garden, poultry and a small grass arena. We are a kid, dog and horse friendly property!”

Hipcamp Au – Angie “Arcadia” Mt Morgan Qld

Have A Drive Or A Ride

Mount Morgan is an old gold mining town just 5km away from the Moongan Hipcamp. Here you can pop in to the IGA, Mitre 10 or have a coffee at the “Wattle Bee Next Coffee” or check out the museum a short stroll away. There are a couple of lookouts, one you can see the old gold mine in the distance. You can also look at the old railway museum, which is also a driver reviver. You’ll find heaps of room to park your caravan and have a break.

Angie told us there is an unofficial rail trail near by. Also, lots of tracks for horse riding, hiking, riding your bike, rock climbing and motorbike riding.

mount morgan railway station qld
Photo: Mount Morgan Railway Museum

Some might see this camp as “just a paddock with power” but look a little deeper and have a chat to Angie and you’ll notice the beauty of the simple things. I can’t wait to see how this camp and place evolves. Thank you Angie and your lovely family for opening up your property to others.

I’ll end with a quote from Angie –Come in peace, stay in harmony, leave with a full heart”

More Information

  • Location : Moongan – Near Mount Morgan
  • Click for Google map location
  • State: QLD
  • Pets: Yes – Horses also ok
  • Camp type : Hipcamp
  • Price : $ 20 plus Hipcamp booking fee – Check Moogan Hipcamp out here
  • Water ? : No – BYO
  • Power ? : Yes
  • Will suit: All sized vehicles
  • Is it on Wikicamps ?: Yes
  • Drive time to nearby shops: 5 minutes
  • WIFI (tested with boost): Yes
  • Amenities : None at present you need to be self contained with shower, toilet, water – Grey water ok on the ground
  • Other : Bring your horse, learn about permaculture and local history, visit nearby trails

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