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This is our first of two post on The Spirit Of Tasmania (SOT) as there is so much information.

In this post I will cover the cost, why’s, wherefores of “Our” trip. Two adults, no children, no pets. The next post will be about the actual SOT journey and what it’s like on board.

Deciding When To Go

We headed over on the The Spirit Of Tasmania in early December 2019 for three months. Booking us on the boat for a Sunday morning. After reading other travellers posts about the Tazzy weather, rough seas and travelling on the SOT we wanted to get it right.

 the Spirit Of Tasmania
Larry Checking Out The Spirit Of Tasmania

We chose December as this is when the warmer weather is meant to start. The week before we arrived it had been snowing. Luckily, our first week was sunny. It was still a bit windy which had that chill factor but we were expecting that.

Please Note: Since writing this, the Spirit Of Tasmania is now arriving and departing in Geelong! So please disregard instructions on catching the boat below.

Catching the boat on a Sunday morning was a good decision. The streets were empty and we had a perfect run to the boat from our stay at Discovery Park Melbourne, taking around 30 minutes.

road to the Spirit Of Tasmania
Photo: A Quiet Sunday Morning Drive To The Boat
(No longer the post used)

On the day before we had done a dry run. Of course the GPS took us down a residential road with multiple speed humps and rundabouts. Not a problem, this is why we did it! On our actual drive to the ship it was a piece of cake.


We booked our trip on the Spirit Of Tasmania in August. Knowing that the closer we got to our departure date the more expensive it would be. The fact that our mates at Not Grey Nomads had also booked helped our decision. Maybe a little bit stalker’ish 😉

After choosing December to travel (which is a more expensive month to travel to Tasmania) we then had to decide on night or day sail. Then if we wanted to pay for a cabin, a recliner chair or just use the general chairs on the decks. Of course the choice for all of these things are up to the individual and the cost changes depending on your preferences.

seating on the road to the Spirit Of Tasmania

The cost also depends on the length of your set up. We have a total length of around 14 meters. So our cost was probably a little more than some.

Cost Of The Spirit Of Tasmania

People have asked how much it cost us to travel on the SOT. As so many factors are involved it was hard to give a blanket statement of cost. It really is an individual thing.

For instance, we chose the day sail going to Tasmania as we didn’t want to be stressed in the busy afternoon Melbourne traffic. Also, as we didn’t know the streets and dock area we booked in to Discovery Parks Melbourne for a couple of nights. That way we could put the SOT into our GPS and drive the route without the van. Also, paying a visit to the boats docking area for a visual on what we were up against.

Spirit Of Tasmania dock
Photo: Spirit Of Tasmania original dock

Caravan and ute Spirit Of Tasmania
Photo: Waiting To Board The Spirit Of Tasmania

Our caravan & Ute is Totalling 14.02m & Over 2.1m High. Our cost for just taking our caravan and ute was $1,795 return. This dose not include our options or lounge chair and cabin.

These are our costs and why we chose these options.

The only way this could have been cheaper for “us” would have been to book in for the winter months. Maybe even booking further in advance could help. If you have only a car or a smaller set up, it will be less for you. If you don’t have a vehicle and are just a foot passenger the cost can be as little as $100 one way.

Booking recliner chairs $39 Each

After choosing a day sail going to Tasmania, we then decided it was worth paying for the recliners. That way one of us didn’t have to stay and watch the chairs if we went for a walk. We also didn’t need to look for another if the boat was full.

If you have anxiety like me they are worth the price. If you’re happy to do as most others do and find a spare chair around the ship then there are some lovely areas and chairs to sit on. Just like a cruise ship.

Spirit Of Tasmania Recliner lounge
Photo: Larry Relaxing In Recliner lounge

Recliner Lounge

Entry to the recliner room is by swipe card so only those that have booked can enter. This is great as it’s not full on busy with people as the decks can be. Maybe because we booked early? But we got a window seat which was perfect.

Each chair has a USB port, night light and little table. My USB didn’t work which was not good as I had a heap of movies to watch. Thankfully I used Larry’s USB to charge my phone when he wasn’t using it.

Spirit Of Tasmania Recliner lounge
Photo: Recliner Lounge

At night I believe you get a small pillow and blanket with your chair. There are also toilets in this area so no need to hunt them down. There’s also storage space for cases and trolleys.

Booking A Cabin – $180

On our return trip we are doing a night sail so chose the cabin option. Frannie, from Not Grey Nomads told us that if your doing a night sail you have to have a cabin or a recliner. The recliners are free on a night sail. You can also share a cabin for as little as $30 per bed. That’s for a 4 person share or $70 per bed for 2 in a cabin. It all depends on the time of booking.

Spirit Of Tasmania cabin corridor
Photo: Cabin Corridor
Wireless one

We had decided on a cabin anyway as there is no way I could sleep in a chair and not wake up sore. Either because of my autoimmune disorder or because someone would be hitting me over the head with a pillow for snoring so loud (I wouldn’t blame them) We are yet to travel back so I’ll let you know how the cabin experience goes.

Total cost of “Our” return trip on the Spirit Of Tasmania including 2x recliner chairs going and a cabin on our return trip was = $2.055.46

  • To find out how much it would cost “You” to travel on the Spirit Of Tasmania follow the link to and enter your information as if you were booking. This will give you a more realistic view of what it will cost you specifically.

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