Why focus is important

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Working towards a goal –

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When I refer to focus I’m not talking about a Model of car by Ford or even drinking 8 cups of coffee in the morning to stay alert. What I’m referring to is… to reach your goals in life no matter what they are, you need to focus on the path to your dreams and then stay focused. I’d be first to admit that sometimes it’s easier said than done. Once you get into the right mindset though you can start achieving great things.
 In 2010 when I first made the step to move from NZ to Aussie it was that feeling of getting off the plane and being where I wanted to be that inspired all future goals and dreams.
I’ve always wanted to live in Australia. Amongst other things I also often dreamt about going on a cruise ship, travel to the Grand Canyon and Vegas. Always wanted to see Disneyland as a kid and go to a safari in Africa. Lots of these things on my bucket list that could become reality….. if I stayed focussed.


What we achieved with focus

By Xmas 2010 that year I had met the angel of my life, Suzie.  Suzie and I from day one often talked about our aspirations and desires. We both loved the idea of travel and the freedom caravanning would bring. First though we had to save for the dream. With 3 months of focussing on tropical island jobs the universe done it again, and so we lived and worked on a tropical island paradise for several years. During the next few years in the Whitsundays we ended up focusing on ticking off some of our wish lists. That seen us go on a
Ocean cruise through tropical islands tick image
Travel to Vegas  tick image
Visit the Grand canyon tick image
Disneyland tick image
Visit Fiji tick image
Camper vanning around New Zealand’s South island tick image
Get married tick image

Keeping the ball rolling

Now that we were on a roll and doing what we wanted our greatest focus was to be debit free, downsize and buy a caravan then live fulltime on the road of Australia….. tick image….. and loving every bit of it.
None of this would happen if we didn’t focus on the goals. That is why it’s so important to keep your mindset on your target in life and it will be achievable.
the secret
I recall several years ago mum having a copy of “The Secret”  by Rhonda Byrne. The concept behind it is if you think , breath, act and focus towards a goal, the universe will give the opportunity to you . I’m a huge believer in “if someone else can build it there’s no reason why I can’t fix it”. After all they are only human and so am I. It might take me longer to do it or work it out but it’s still possible. Same principle applies here.


~ If someone else can live on the road fulltime, there’s no reason you can’t too.~


In case I’ve given the impression our dreams all happened overnight, they didn’t. We had loads of questions and spent 4 years researching about living on the road while we saved for our goals. We did however keep our eye on the target and it produced results as we are now in our mid 40’s and living the lifestyle we wanted to from the start.
Allow me to also clarify one point. When we mention the universe will provide, there is a definitive difference between “the universe will open doors for you if you contribute to it” as opposed to ” the universe OWES me”. There is always one person in every group that believes the world should drop everything for them, that is not what we are talking about here :).

To us it makes sense

work meeting
For us and I’d suspect many people, when you’re at work :
  • We always look forward to your weekend off, to go and do your own thing.
  • Throughout the year we always look forward to public or owed holidays. Once again so you can get away from it all and do your own thing.
  • When we dream about holidays we envision a nice destination that’s a break from the normality.
When you’re living on the road you cover all those bases everyday and it’s a great lifestyle that we highly recommended. Sure it’s not a lifestyle for everyone but even still… how do you know if you don’t try it ?
The question i hear you thinking is..
Why do you guys care about others getting out on the road fulltime ?
The answer to that is :
We believe the world should be a happy place. Society has taught us over the years to go to school then get a good job buy a house, get married then have kids. The pressures of today’s living styles tend to end in a lot of stresses and unhappy people.
When travelling we’ve noticed the happiest people are those in the smaller communities. Those that are away from the rat race seem to be friendlier. If people got out and followed their dreams and had a better life from it, then those around them would also benefit. In the end there would be an influx of happier people which also affects you and a me in a positive way.


Don’t just dream it.. do it, is still a philosophy worth living by in our eyes although it does take focus. With focus you can and will achieve what you set out to do. Whether that’s losing weight, paying off debits or becoming a nomad you can make it happen.
Living a lifestyle on the road we certainly recommend and urge anyone to give it a go, if that’s the path you want to go down. You’ll be happier inside and out and at the end of the day if the world has happier people as a result then that’s an awesome outcome for everyone.

Happy focusing


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Did you stay focused throughout that article ? 🙂

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