First step towards your dream

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So you want to hit the road ?

First step should be followed by a second and a third…

I can see it now, you’re at work searching google for a change from the 9 to 5 job you’ve done for years. Dreaming of a new lifestyle but scared to make the first jump. Several things pop through your head as the voice on your shoulder plays devils advocate.
“If I just drop everything and hit the road….. That means quitting my job, not having a constant income, I won’t know anyone, what if… and how….and and and “. Then you bang your head on the keyboard in a frustrated outrage and get questioned by the boss why you have QWERTY tattooed on your forehead.

You’re not alone

not alone
Sound somewhat familiar ? Of course it does we’ve all been through that. Unfortunately a lot of the time that frustration becomes overwhelming. We put off the task for another day, then another day and another. 10 years down the track you’re still wearing the same path in the carpet to the coffee machine.
Did I hear you say it’s like ground hog day ? Did I hear you say it’s like ground hog day ? Did I hear you say it’s like ground hog day ? 🙂

My inspiration

For me I dreamt about travelling to Australia in my mid 20’s. I had a friend Rodney who I grew up through school with. Rodney packed up and moved to Australia as a teenager and has been here successfully owning his own business since. I always thought “Wish I had of done that”.
Steph is another person I grew up with and at the age of 18 I recall her doing a lap of the world on her own. Listening to her stories when she returned was inspirational and I admire her bravery as a young single female in this wide scary world. Once again I thought “Wish I could do that”.

Getting out of a rut

no excuses
Back then I felt I was stuck in a rut. I had a good paying job so the security was there. There seemed to always be something else I could spend my money on which meant staying in the same job to pay for it all. Then I got married for the first time and went through 13 years of agony as i knew it wasn’t the right choice for me. But once again how do you just take the plunge and make a move to follow your dreams ?.
Just putting up with crap because it’s easier than dealing with it, was, and still isn’t the right way to deal with anything. Rodney and Steph by now had been on their journey over 15 years now and I was still in the same place doing the same things.
Then one day I woke up to thinking “today’s the day I’m taking control of my own life”.
Making the decision to follow your heart and desires and to just do it, deal with the consequences later is your first stepping stone I believe. Life is too short to think what if. If at the least, you’re always moving forward towards your dreams then the universe will repay you with what you desire. Not saying it’s that easy all the time, but if you focus and head towards the goal, chances are you’ll score.

Taking the first of many small steps

Step by step
So after feeling like I was going backwards each day I made a decision that was right for me. I got divorced, as our paths weren’t aligned. Left everything behind and only took some clothes and my pride and joy at the time, My trike that i built.
I moved to a cabin all alone with one bed and one fridge and walls I could touch at the same time by reaching out my arms. Sounds not so great but the first steps to your goals is truly a breath of fresh air.
Leaving or selling all your years of built up possessions behind can be daunting. You know the ones, the items you think you must have that collect dust but never get used. Even though I was only down the road from where I used to live I was free to follow my dreams and it was awesome.

Keep stepping forward

First step was good. I was free to make up my path but still struggled with making the next step actually happen. A few months went past and by then I had upgraded myself to an apartment but as my ex wife was now stalking me it was a good time to move on.
~ That’s when my sister Tracy did the best thing in the world for me at that time. ~
Tracy took a two hour drive one weekend and came to visit me. We sat around the table discussing whats going on in life and talked about how I’d like to move over to Aussie to follow the dream I’ve always had. We discussed how I’d also like to do it but I only know a couple of people over there.
  • How do I set up bank accounts ?
  • How do I do this ?
  • How do I do that ?
She said lets start by looking at plane tickets and see what’s affordable. So I jumped on google and pulled up the costs of flights to Queensland.
As I leaned back in my chair staring at the screen and day dreaming about all the things I need to do first. That’s when Tracy said “I reckon you just do it”, and she proceeded to hit the buy button on the keyboard. Gassspppp Flights were booked. Turning back would cost cancellation fee’s. Was this the time to suck it up ? keep progressing  forward and worry about it later ? Absolutely it was. There is no better time than NOW.
Moving to a new country and leaving family and friends behind, being alone and broke but following my heart turned out to be only the start to an awesome journey.
Any step forward is a good step. Somedays you may feel like you’re taking tiny steps, but as long as it’s a step in the right direction that’s all it takes to get the ball rolling.

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